Gerald Ellis - CEO

Gerald Ellis is an agricultural entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience across wine making, viticulture, essential oils, grazing and cropping. His rural science origins laid the groundwork for an ongoing interest in sustainable agriculture underwritten by stringent empirical science.

An adviser, knowledge bank and achiever wrapped into one, Gerald pilots the team that is Renew.

Hilton Henning – General Manager

Hilton Henning is an agronomist with extensive production experience in Tasmania. A comprehensive understanding of sustainability and production issues associated with current agricultural practices led Hilton to approaches to agriculture that maintain profitability and the natural resources of a farm.

The attitude of the Renew team to an evidence based approach led Hilton to join them at Renew to see Renew biological fertilizer as an accepted part of land management with improved long term outcomes for farmers.

Hilton oversees production and sales at Renew.

Dr Dean Metcalf – Director of Product Innovation

Dr Dean Metcalf is internationally recognised for his groundbreaking research into the resolution of Allium crop (onions, garlic) diseases. His experience and interest in organic disease suppression through the use of beneficial microbes spans twenty years.

Dr Metcalf oversees scientific evaluation and is the Renew team leader on product innovation and design.

Dr Alice Palmer – Research & Development Director

Dr Palmer is a recognised authority on Aerobic Compost Extracts (ACE), having conducted pioneering research on the fruit and foliar disease suppression characteristics of ACE.

Passionate about environmental sustainability and eco-physiology Dr Palmer is Renews Director of Research and Development. Why not follow Dr Palmer’s research on her Twitter - @Renewland or the Renew Facebook page (Renew biological fertilizers).

Tony Scherer – Director of Production

Mr Scherer, a native Californian, developed the first organic produce distribution company in the United States – Ocean Organics. He introduced the Luebke composting method to Australia in 1995 and has, since that time, lectured widely on biological fertilizer production. He provides expert advice to producers around Australia.

Mr Scherer manages Renews quality assurance programme and directs production of aerobic windrow composting at Renew sites.

Guy Taylor – Brand Manager

Guy has contributed to the achievements of a number of Australia's most successful brands. Prior to founding the US offices for Blundstone (Australia's largest footwear company) he was the co-creator of the “ Who is James Boag?” campaign, widely acknowledged as the most successful Australian premium beer brand.

He has provided brand strategy advice in North America, the EU and the Middle East.